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bciti brings cities closer to their residents. bciti is an integrated intelligent multi-modal/multi-channel platform: bciti connects systems, centralizes and cleans data, digitizes resident services and provides real-time analytics dashboards. bciti helps cities move from fragmented to global and improved management, simplifying operations and enhancing the quality of life of its residents.

Smart resident platform

The Resident
The City
Resident Card
+ +
Digital<br>Resident Card

• Integrating 2D barcodes and/or NFC
• Internet, Mobile Internet, iOS, Android
• Printable

Emergency Alerts + +
Emergency Alerts

Smart SMS, email and mobile notifications

Survey + +

Create surveys and analyze the results in real-time

Requests + +

Indicate a problem with a photo or document and get automated follow-up

News + +

Automated micro-news

Profile & My Invoices + +
Profile & My Invoices

Information / resident contact information and transaction receipts

Other modules that may be added to complement the basic resident platform

Card Reader
+ +
Digital<br>Card Reader

Allows a municipal organization to download a mobile application to read digital resident cards.

• Multi-format barcode reader
• Instant validation

+ +

• Inform citizens on the projects so they can participate and give their opinions
• Follow up with the citizen on the projects they’ve been participating on
• Get citizen involved in their city

Parking Permit
+ +
Parking Permit<br>Management

• Request a permit (sticker) and pay online
• Choose the type of permit (provide supporting documents, etc.)
• Optimization of parking space
• See the permit requests submitted
• Cancel a permit request or renew a permit

Mobile Parking
+ +
Mobile Parking<br>Payment

• Optical character recognition using cell phone cameras (accelerates the payment process)
• Multi-city payment (a single application for parking in multiple cities)
• Prepaid parking (possibility of buying time credits)
• Locate my parked vehicle (card with geolocation)
• Geo-localized stations with identification of parking spots available

Knowledge Base + +
Knowledge Base

• Algorithm allowing residents to ask a question (orally or in writing) and to receive an answer instantaneously
• Multiple languages available
• Natural language processing using syntactic analysis
• Analysis of usage, relevance and detection of patterns

Electronic Waste
Disposal Directory
+ +
Electronic Waste<br>Disposal Directory

• Find a disposal site depending on the type of multi-channel waste (Web, Mobile Web, iOS, Android)
• Locate the address on a digital map
• Data recovery and disposal patterns

Centralized Invoice + +
Centralized Invoice

• Access and pay invoices online (taxes, library fines, parking tickets, etc.)

Press room

  • Signing of a contract with the City of Bromont and the City of Boisbriand.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Mont-Tremblant.
  • Official market launch of the bciti platform across Canada.
    Deployment with the City of Sherbrooke.
    Signing of a contract with the City of Saint-Lambert.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Saint-Constant.
    bciti is a finalist in the “2016 Smart Cities Challenge” organized by Ericsson.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Saint-Basile-le-Grand.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Beloeil.
  • Signing of contracts with the cities of Blainville and Longueuil.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Sherbrooke.
  • Deployment with the City of Brossard. On-the-ground testing of the platform, which sees great success.
  • Signing of a contract with the City of Brossard.
  • Beginning of the pre-commercialization stage (mock-up, branding) to test cities’ interest in the platform.
  • A team dedicated to the bciti project is established to develop the brand and to design the user experience and platform itself.
  • Metix Inc., a digital disturber that designs, develops and commercializes digital innovations with high commercial potential on the international scale, signs a partnership with the City of Brossard and ÉTS to develop the first-ever smart city platform.
bciti Competitors
Multi-city Yes Yes
Multi-provider connectors Yes No
Secure Data Depot Yes No
Smart algorithms Yes No
SMS alerts, email, etc. Yes Yes
Digital card (barcodes/NFC) Yes No
Mobile payment Yes Yes
Parking permit management Yes No
Resident consultation Yes Yes
Mobile requests Yes Yes
Knowledge Base (machine learning) Yes No
Events schedule Yes Yes
Real-time analysis dashboard Yes Yes
Activity registration Yes No



Vivianne Gravel, President and Chief Executive Officer

Vivianne is widely recognized as a pioneer and activator of mobile, digital and AI innovations that inspire positive impacts while improving organizational performance and people’s lives.

A Canadian entrepreneur and businesswoman with a global vision, Vivianne co-founded LIPSO – the first integrated mobile platform company in Quebec – after years of experience in C-level positions with international scope at top companies such as Spectra Telecom and KPMG. LIPSO went on to have a successful exit under Vivianne’s leadership in 2010.

With her team and partners – some of them long-term business relationships – she also launched and propelled METIX, Chronometriq, METO, METIX Capital and, more recently, bciti Solutions, an integrated intelligent platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to efficiently connect cities to their residents while simultaneously connecting cities to each other.

Vivianne is known for creating win-win partnerships with leading universities, cities, airports, government agencies, financial institutions and more. Her ability to anticipate needs and trends, as well as to communicate a clear vision and concretely implement it, serve to increase value for stakeholders. She is a sought-after keynote speaker on Artificial Intelligence and IT innovation.

Quebec Women’s Entrepreneurship Award (Incontournable de l’entrepreneuriat au Québec), 2013 - Premières en Affaires.
LIPSO is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Canada in mobile solutions.



Vivianne Gravel
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Vivianne Gravel, LL.M
President and Chief Executive Officer
Benoit Potvin
Benoit Potvin, Ph.D candidate
Chief Science Officer
Capucine Révolat
Capucine Révolat
Sales and Marketing Manager

Board of directors

Jean-Paul Gagné
Jean-Paul Gagné, ASC
Chairman of the Board
François Gagnon
François Gagnon, PhD
Member of the Board of directors
Céline Garneau
Céline Garneau, Lawyer
Member of the Board of directors
Vivianne Gravel
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Vivianne Gravel, LL.M
President and Chief Executive Officer
Louis Hébert
Louis Hébert, PhD
Member of the Board of directors
Jean-Yves Leblanc
Jean-Yves Leblanc, Ing., MBA
Member of the Board of directors

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